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How much new underwear do you need? Choose the length of your subscription.

Step 2

What do you look and feel best in? Choose your style and size.

Step 3

Get a pair of new, high-end underwear delivered to your door each month. Now go out and conquer the world!

  • "I'd prefer that my underwear just magically appear in my top drawer. With my ubi subscription, that basically happens. Slam dunk!" - Kevin, New York, NY

  • "An ubi sub ubi subscription was the best gift I could have given my boyfriend. He loved it and I think he looks great!" - Chris, Cincinnati, OH

What we do:

C'mon guys - you have better things to do than going to a big box store to buy your underwear. ubisububi is here to help! Simply choose your desired style and size and we'll send a different, high-end, designer pair of underwear to your door each month. Or, just let us know your size and one of our "un-commandos" will surprise you each month. As we say around here, "no junk for your junk!"

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Look Good - Feel Good - Do Good

3 Months

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $60.00 Every 3 Months

Consider this a refresher course!

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6 Months

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $120.00 Bi-Annually

Time for a serious update!

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12 Months

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $240.00 Yearly

Purge my underwear drawer now!

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